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Holy Duck



With the help of our friends at FORIJ mushrooms, we created a chili oil inspired by the flavour and depth of our best-selling Holy Duck Chili Oil except with zero ducks.    

The unparalleled natural meaty umami goodness of lion’s mane mushroom is the perfect addition to our chili ensemble.  Featuring a heart-warming heat that allows the natural aromatics of the chili pepper to shine through and a complex but uniform flavour derived from a harmonized blend of Chinese spices.  Oh, let’s not forget a skull-tickling crunch of fried garlic and shallots for a mouthgasmic experience.  Vegan has never tasted so good.

Finally, a versatile and delicious chili oil for our vegetable-forward fire-breathers. 

  • Umami Uppercut

    Packed with curated blend of natural umami-rich ingredients that gives our chili oil its full-body and mouthwatering flavor.

  • Heartwarming Heat

    An exotic blend of Chinese chili peppers and Sichuan Peppercorns: Er Jing Tiao and Lantern chili for its aroma, Seven Star chili for its beautiful rich red color, Facing Heaven chili for its pleasant and welcoming heat, and green and red Sichuan peppercorns for its citrusy and numbing properties.

  • Crazy Crunch

    Perfectly crisped garlic, shallot, and Sichuan peppercorns gives our chili oil a satisfying mouthfeel of complex textures in every bite.

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