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Van Holtens

PICKLE-ICE FLAVORED FREEZE POP - Van Holten’s - 4 for $5

PICKLE-ICE FLAVORED FREEZE POP - Van Holten’s - 4 for $5

Caesar Slurpee with a dill pickle freeze pop???

Simply put Pickle-Ice is the same brine in Van Holtens pickles with additional electrolytes added. It’s a refreshing treat on a hot day, and an athletic supplement that helps rehydrate and prevent cramps. 

  • PICKLE POPSICLE. Frozen or Unfrozen, this 2oz. pop packs a powerful dill-icious punch!
  • DELICIOUSLY DILL. Add a splash of flavor wherever you go! Enhance your favorite beverage or savor on it's own.
  • REFRESH & REHYDRATE. Each pop is infused with electrolytes that are crucial for keeping your body in tip top shape.
  • BETTER FOR YOU. Van Holten's Pickle-Ice is sugar free, gluten-free, certified kosher, fat-free, low calorie, and low carb.
  • HOMEGROWN AND HOMEMADE. Every cucumber that goes through our factory is grown, pickled, and packaged in the USA.

Real Van Holten’s Pickle Brine packaged in portable 2 oz pops. Enhanced with electrolytes Pickle-Ice aids in keeping your body hydrated, balanced, and performing at peak levels. Essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium can be lost during intense workouts leading to muscle cramps and dehydration. Pickle-Ice helps replace these minerals and promotes a balanced body. 

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