Thirteen: A Social Enterprise (African Spices)

Thirteen A Social Enterprise (13:ASE) is a youth entrepreneurial program of the Parkdale Food Centre.  13:ASE engage youth who are seeking employment and skills development opportunities in the operation of our social enterprises. 13:ASE make and sell African spice mixes inspired by the country participants of the program have come from .

By engaging participants in all aspects of business decisions and development, in a collaborative and supported space, this program helps participants gain strong emotional and social skills as well as confidence in themselves and their future. 13:ASE also serves as an entry point into the labour market. It provides a supportive first work experience and the opportunity to build a social and professional network. The skills that participants and peer mentors develop through 13:ASE are directly related to improving access to work experience, obtaining experience, gaining community connections and language development.   

Sweet and spicy chicken (Pili Pili)

By Meagan McVeigh on September 13, 2022


Berbere Jackfruit tacos

By Meagan McVeigh on September 13, 2022

Jackfruit makes a perfect meatless taco filling and it is even better when it is spiced up with our Berbere. We served ours with a cucumber coleslaw and creamy lime dressing to help cool down the heat from the Berbere spice.


Mashed Potato - Xawaash Spice